The organization provides comprehensive advice/consultancy on the following aspects :Chief Consultant Dr. R.P.Srivastava is expert on Mango and he has a full team working under him in this job.

The organization provides comprehensive advice/consultancy on the following aspects :

.  Proper planning in laying out new orchards. Which includes, field preparation, digging pits, selection of planting material, planting and after care of young plants and intercultural operation on turn key basis.

                 A Mango Orchard

Integrated nutrient management strategy of Mango
Nitrogen is essential ingredient of chlorophyll, proteins, growth hormones and enzymes. Phosphorous is associated with root growth, good fruit setting and timely ripening. Potassium improves crop quality shelf life, and protect the crop from pests and diseases. Soil deficiencies of micronutrient s are also important factor. Thus integrated nutrient management strategy has been formulated with chemical fertilizer, bio-fertilizers including Biodynamic methods.

3 Integrated Insect Pest Management strategy for Mango.
full Package of practice for controlling insect pests of mango with 1 PM modules through mechanical, cultural, biological, use of sex attractants and by chemical methods of control will be given.

4   Integrated Disease Management strategy for Mango
Full package of practice for controlling diseases of mango with 1 DM modules through mechanical, cultural, biological and chemical methods of control will be given.

Proper care of mango disorder
Block Tip problem including, Taper Tip, Tip pulp and girdle necrosis, soft nose, internal necroses spongy tissue, clustering (Jhumka) disorder, leaf scorch and alternate bearing are same of the disorders in mango. Necessary control measures will be discussed to take care of mango plants / fruits.

  Rejuvenation of very old mango orchards
Prunning and other methodology will be utilized

.  Inter-cropping arrangement in young mango orchards.

.  Nursery management through innovative grafting techniques.

9.  Complete package of practice schedule to take care of the orchards for the entire year.

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