Stone grafting in Mango seedling ( A useful method)

Various methods of grafting are known in mango i.e. inarching, veneer, side grafting, soft wood grafting and cleft grafting.By stone grafting the plants are multiplied in large number in lesser time.In this, germinated seeds are grafted under shade by beheading the seedlings about 5.0 cm. above the stone and inserting the wedge shaped scions in the vertical slit in the beheaded stocks.

Veneer Grafting in mango seedling .

This is one of the best method of grafting which is economical gives a high percentage of success and is ideal for establishing in situ orchads. The selected Scions are defoliated keeping a past of Petiole intact for 7-10 days.
A slanting downward and inward cut 2.5 to 4.0 long is made on rootstock 15cm.above the crown portion of stock. At the base of the cut another shortercut is given to intersect the first. The base of Scion is given long cut and inserted on the cut portion of the stock. The graft union is tied with 200 gauge thickness transparent polythene sheet.

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