Leaf scorch disorder.

This disorder is caused by a nutritional deficiency which limit the vigour and production of trees.This gives a burnt look of the foliage.This has lot of impact on flowering and fruiting behaviour of the tree.This disorder is due to excessive accumulation of chloride ions in the leaf tissue.
Fruit clustering disease

Fruit clustering disease in Mango characterised by the formation of a bunch of fruitlets of the size of marble at the tips of the panicle.These are unfertilised fruits which drops out very quickly after turning yellow.

Fruit splitting in Mango
Fruit splitting is related with variation in maximum and minimum temperature and relative humidity between day and night time.Secondary infection occurs in the split part.

Black Tip Disorder

First Cymptoms of the disorder is the development of a small aetiolated area at the distol end of the fruit which turns block.This tip is pulpy although yest of the first is compact unripe and hard.

Fruit splitting in Mango

                 Black Tip Disorder

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