The Director and Chief Consultant of the organization Dr. R.P.Srivastava has been Director at Central Institute for Sub- Tropical Horticulture, Lucknow ,he has also been Head of Entomology and Nematology Department .He has a vast experience in MANGO CULTIVATION and is a renowned scientist. He has attended various International and National Symposium and have represented India.

Dr. Srivastava is life member and life fellow of many scientific societies. Earlier he did his Ph.D. from the internationally fame Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi, India on the feasibility of integrated pest management of fruit crops (mango mealy bug Drosicha mangiferae and lemon butterfly Papilio demoleus).

He served at various locations in India for the Research work viz. Indian Institute of Horticultural Research Bangalore India, Central Mango Research Station Lucknow India (now known as Central Institute for Sub-Tropical Horticulture) with distinction. This Institute has its main mandate i.e. Mango Crop. Because of his wide experience (about 30 years) in mango , he is fit enough to handle any aspect of mango cultivation. Dr Srivastava has published 120 research papers in national and international journals, 45 popular articles and 10 chapters in books. He is author of seven books viz. (1) Mango Cultivation pp. 633 (2) Mango Insect Pest Management pp. 272 (3) Mango Quarantine Pests Export and Rules pp. 139 (4) Biopesticides and Bioagents in IPM of mango pp. 116 (5) Neem and Pest Management pp. 620 (6) Aam Ki Vaigyanic Bagwani pp. 98. 7.Biopesticides and biogents integrated pest Management of Agriculture Crops.

Biopesticides / Agents in integraded pest Mgmt of mango Quarantine pests Exports & rules Insect pest Management Mango Cultivation Biopesticides / Agents in integraded pest Mgmt Neem & pest Management
 Books written by the Director

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