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Doctor's Krishi(Agriculture) Polyclinic Government Registered Organization with the objective of bringing new Horticultural Technology on the doorstep of farmers, orchardist and orchards & farms of semi government and private organizations.

It was felt that given the limited resources and specific mandate of the research institutions and the government agencies, it is not possible to disseminate the improved technology to the farmers in an integrated manner. Therefore, the concept of Polyclinic took shape wherein, all the serious problems of mango crop will be attended to under one roof.

The huge technology gap has resulted in low mango productivity and profitability. Keeping this in view the Polyclinic attempts to provide consultancy in Mango Crop by renowned scientist's and experts of their own fields. Dr. Ram Prakash Srivastava, who is internationally known for his research work on IPM on mango crop is the Chief Consultant. and has standardized many integrated pest management protocols for mango crop

Polyclinic proposes to provide services for establishment and maintenance of orchards on scientific guidelines.

Polyclinic, also proposes to take-up well designed training programmes for the masters trainers and farmers. The schedule incorporating bio-agents comprising entomogenous fungi, parasites and predators and natural products like essential oils viz. citronella oil, lemongrass oil, Mentha oil and Palmorosa oil, and various Neem formulations along with limited and judicious use of chemicals.

This has resulted to higher productivity with least toxic residues in the produce, prevention of resistance in insects and protection of beneficial insects like honey bees and spiders from the hazardous chemicals.

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